We aim to change the social culture within Australian schools, and build students who are resilient, empathetic, with strong communication skills. To do this we need to present the information in a way that they will understand, respect, and want to implement.

Parkour & acrobatics is one of the fastest growing trends in students of all ages. Backflips Against Bullying utilises this to engage the students, and addresses  using a medium they are already engaged in. We address bullying on a social level, addressing all perspectives, to help students who exhibit bullying behaviour, as well as those who suffer at its hands.

When students are engaged, they learn. So we engage them with Backflips, and we teach them about Bullying.


Children create their understanding of the world out first from their experiences, and throughout their lives this remains the most effective and convincing way they learn.


We aim to provide more than just a show; it’s an experience, that will empower children to make a positive difference in their lives, and the lives of others around them.

Press and Media

Recent TV Appearances and Articles

Today Show 4:54

Channel 9 invited the team from Backflips Against Bullying into the studio to discuss their revolutionary program.

Nine News Nov 17, 2019

The couple kicking bullying out of Aussie schools one backflip at a time. Article by Olivana Smith Lathouris.

Sydney Morning Herald Nov 10, 2019

Samwise and Cynthia were bullied at school; now they’re fighting back, with parkour. Article by Matt Bungard.

Ten Daily 14 Nov 2019

Samwise Holmes Was Bullied As A Kid. Now He’s Helping Other Victims Fight Back. Article by Katie Hill.