Backflips Against Bullying | Anti bullying school program from Action Education | Anti Bullying Show
Action Education | Backflips Against Bullying - Engaging Students With Parkour & Acrobatics

Backflips Against Bullying is a program for both Primary
& High Schools, that features high-energy 1 Hour
performances by our teams of incredible acrobats.

When students are engaged, they learn.
So we engage them with Backflips,
and we teach them about Bullying.

  • Evidence-based programs
  • Registered Trusted eSafety Provider
  • Multiple programs for every year group

What They Say

About Our Program

“Not only were the performers highly skilled, they were also articulate and challenged the boys when discussing very important issues linked yo bullying.” – Champagnat Catholic College

“Entertaining, relevant and engaging.” – Fairfield West Public School

“The role play was sensational. Having students involved was fantastic and obviously, the backflips were AMAZING!” – Nambour State College

Primary School


High School


Evidence-Based Approach

The Backflips Against Bullying Program is Supported by Bullying Expert & Psychologist Evelyn M. Field, OAM.

Evelyn M. Field, OAM is a practising counselling psychologist in Melbourne and a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society. She was awarded her OAM for her initiatives for school and workplace bullying.

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