Backflips Against Bullying Incursions

Backflips Against Bullying – Primary School Show #1

Our acrobatic Bullying Prevention shows utilise our performer’s incredible acrobatic skills to captivate and engage audiences, in order to spotlight important issues that children face when it comes to bullying. The show itself is a hilarious, fun, and interactive experience – it features awe-inspiring tricks & flips from our team, and interactive scenarios, all amongst acrobatic scenes that depict the different forms of bullying, and approaches the conversation of preventing schoolyard bullying from a brand new angle!

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Backflips Against Cyber-Bullying – Primary School Show #2

Our Backflips Against Bullying Show #2 is a follow-up to our first Primary School show, and can also be booked as a standalone performance. This show focuses on new topics such as Resilience and Cyber Harrassment, as well as consolidating ideas from our first show (eg. Empowering the Bystander, and the consequences of our Actions). Featuring even more parkour, flips, and comedy, we’ll have the kids roaring with laughter and awing at the tricks, setting them up during each scenario to really engage with what our performers have to say.

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Backflips Against Bullying – High School Show

Our Backflips Against Bullying program for High Schools engages students in the topic of Peer Harrassment by using comedy, flips, and tricks – captivating them in a brand new way to make a difference in your school. This show touches heavily on Power Dynamics when discussing instances of Harrassment, and delves into Resilience, Cyber-Bullying, and Real World Consequences. Whilst those topics are deep, we bring it to the students with an acrobatic twist, providing an engagement rate that no other program can boast!

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