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Supported by Bullying Expert & Psychologist Evelyn M. Field, OAM.

Evelyn M. Field, OAM is a practising counselling psychologist in Melbourne and a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society. She was awarded her OAM for her initiatives for school and workplace bullying.

The Backflips Against Bullying program is evidence-based, and supported by Evelyn M Field OEM, respected psychologist and author of the Australian schools handbook to anti-bullying ‘Bully Blocking’. In addition to this, Backflips Against Bullying is a registered Trusted E-Safety Provider with the Australian Government.

We have carefully tailored the programs to meet Key Learning Objectives & Outcomes  aligning with the Australian Curriculum,  and complement various descriptors in the focus areas of AITSL Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, delivering a beneficial program to reduce bullying amongst your students and match the needs of the faculty that teach them.

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Schools cannot protect every child. This clinically proven, self-help book provides a child with bully blocking skills as well as hints to develop social and emotional resilience. It’s useful for parents, teachers, therapists and schools.

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Harry the Bully Blocker